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4401 Ford Avenue, Suite 1100 Alexandria, VA 22302
Telephone: (703) 650-0048

The IEC Foundation would not be able to provide the classes and equipment needed to train tomorrow's electricians and technicians without the support from our IEC partners and members. The Foundation relies on the generosity of individual donors to support our mission to keep the independent electrician workforce employed with skilled apprentices. We would like to recognize all of the amazing individuals, businesses, and associations that understand what we do, what we stand for, and where we are headed. Thank you so much for your support.

$2 Million and Over
Eaton Corporation
Schneider Electric - Square D

$500,000 and Over
Home Depot

$400,000 and Over
Siemens Energy & Automation  

$100,000 and Over
The Dallas Foundation/TRIAD Fund Graybar
LeGrand San Antonio Area Foundation (TRIAD)
Thomas & Betts Corporation  

$50,000 and Over
The Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation General Electric
Hubbell RACO/Bell Ideal Industries, Inc.

$25,000 and Over
Mr. Gary Baumgartner
CNA Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Crawford
Mr. Dennis Denier
Denier Electric Co., Inc.
Ms. Barbara Duncan
John and Mary Franklin Foundation, Inc.
Gannett Foundation
HD Supply Company
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Heitker
Mr. Steve Humphrey
IEC National Association
Leviton Manufacturing Company, Inc.
The George Link Jr. Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Mini
Claude Moore Charitable Foundation
Platt Electric Supply
Mr. Gordon Stewart and Ms. Beth Donley
George and Fay Young Foundation, Inc

$10,000 and Over
3M Company Inc
The Adams-Mastrovich Family Foundation
Association of Electrical Manufacturers
Bergstrom Electric, Inc.
Mr. John Biagas
Clorox Company (Tampa)
Communities Foundation of Texas
Mr. Herb Doyle
Duke Energy
Mr. Bill Elliott
Mr. Thomas Gonzales
Greenlee Texton
Mr. Greg Haren
Mr. Bill Hill
IEC Atlanta
IEC Chesapeake
IEC Florida West Coast
IEC Fort Worth/Tarrant County
IEC Mid-South
IEC of Greater Cincinnati
IEC San Antonio
Ingram White-Castle Foundation
Klein Tools, Inc.
Mr. John Kraft
Mary and Daniel Loughran Foundation
McCormick Systems
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation
Moncrief Foundation
Ms. Valerie Murrill
The Neese Family Foundation
The Norcliffe Foundation
Genevieve & Ward Orsinger Foundation
Mr. Lloyd Quinney
Richards Electric Supply Co., Inc.
Mr. Wes Shahan
Joe Swartz Electric
Mr. James Thurman
The Trull Foundation
The Turbulator Company
Mr. Mike Wissman
Mr. G. H. Wooten

$1,000 and Over
Mr. Tom Alexander
AllState Insurance Company
The B Charles and Jay G Ames Foundation
Ms. Leslie Anderson and Mr. Ron Clayton
Associated Jewish Charities of Baltimore/
The Macht Foundation
Mr. Joe Balzer
Mr. Robert Bass
Mr. Tom Baughman
The Ross & Marianna Beach Foundation
Mr. Justin Beischel
Mr. Kevin Bertke
Mr. William Bledsoe
Mr. and Mrs. David Bombaugh
Mr. Joseph Bonner
Mr. Stephen Borelli
Mr. Peter Bowers
Mr. Bruce Bowman
Mr. John Bowman
Mr. Bob Bowne
Tim and Candy Branham
Mr. and Ms. Alfredo Brito
Mr. Dennis Brown
Mr. Terry Browning
The Henry W. Bull Foundation
Mr. Larry Burmeister
Mr. Brady Butler
Mr. John Cain
CNA Insurance
Mr. Arthur Carver
Mr. Richard China
Mr. Tim Cleary
CM Squared, Inc.
Mr. Willliam Coleman
Mr. Kevin Collins
The Columbus Foundation
ConEst Software Systems
Mr. Daryl Cook
Mr. Mark Cooper
Mr. Larry Cooper
Corrigan Home Systems/Corrigan Electric Co.
Mr. Tom Corrigan
Ms. Susan Cox
Mr. Maury Creech
Mr. and Ms. John Curry
Mr. Rod Dahl
Danellie Foundation
Daniel Foundation of Alabama
The DanPaul Foundation
Mr. Niel Dawson
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Denier
Ms. Joni Deus
Mr. Gordon Donaldson
Doyle Electric Services, Inc.
Mr. Jerry Duffy
Mr. Gary Dykstra
Eagle Electric Inc.
The Cyrus Eaton Foundation
Encore Wire Limited
Mr. John Ennis, Jr.
ERICO International Corp.
Wells Fargo Foundation
Mr. John Ferguson
Mr. Jay Flewharty
Mr. Brad Foster
Mr. Michael Gaffney
Mr. Jeff Georg
Mr. Michael Gerdes
Mr. Mark Gillespie and Mr. Tim Cleary
Mr. David Gilson
Mr. Gary Golka
W. W. Grainger Foundation
Mr. Forrest Hamilton
Mr. Scott Harding
Mr. and Ms. Daniel Harrison
Mr. Robert Haynie
Mr. Rob Heineman
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Hengst
Corina Higginson Trust
Mr. David Hittinger
Mr. Douglas Hoff, III
Mr. Greg Holloway
Mr. Richard Hood
Mr. Joseph Hovanec
Mr. Heath Howell
The Harley W. Howell Charitable Foundation
IEC Arizona
IEC CenTex
IEC Central Indiana
IEC Central Ohio AEC/IEC
IEC Dallas
IEC Georgia
IEC Greater St. Louis
IEC Kentucky and Southern Indiana
IEC LiveWires
IEC Lubbock
IEC New England
IEC North Carolina AEC
IEC of Oregon
IEC of Southeast Missouri
IEC of Utah
IEC Puget Sound
IEC Rocky Mountain
IEC Southern Colorado
IEC Southern New Mexico
IEC Texas Gulf Coast
IEC Western Reserve
Independent Electrical Supply/ESSCO
Industry Data Exchange Assoc, Inc. (IDEA)
Mr. Brian Inskeep
Mr. Robert Jones
Mr. Mike Kallmeyer
The Lore Kann Foundation
Mr. Chris Kellem
Mr. Jerry Kent
Mr. Ken Kortman
Mr. Dean Kredit
Mr. Rob LaFreniere
FD Lawrence Electric Co.
Mr. Stephen Leer
Mr. Tom Lemay
Mr. Jerry Lightner
R. A. Long Foundation
Mr. Thayer Long
Mr. Frank Luchini
Madison Electric Products Inc.
Mr. Giovanni Marcelli
Mr. Bret Martin
Mr. Chris Martinez
Mr. Greg Mattson
Mr. William McDonald
Mr. Michael Millard
Mr. Cliff Moen
Mr. Thomas Monaco
Mr. John Moody
Mr. Lawrence Mullins
National City Bank
Northwest Edison
Mr. Jim Oehlschlaeger
Mr. Eric Olsson
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Paul
Mr. William Peel
Mr. John Pollock
Power Products LLC
Mr. Travis Puleo
Mr. John Quebe
Gene Ray Electric Co., Inc.
Mr. Jon Rieger
Ms. Betsey Ritch-Reed
Mr. James Schoenfelder
Mr. David Schrembeck
Mr. Scot Schultz
Mr. Louie Seger
Mr. Bruce Seilhammer
Mr. Richard Shaffer
Mr. Eric Shatzer
Mr. Terry Shorb
Willis A Smith Construction Inc
Mr. Gary Sodd
Southwire Co.
Ms. Sabrina Sparkman
Mr. Cyrus Spurlino
Mr. Tom Stalvey
Mr. Fred Stang
Mr. Dave Stapleton
Mr. John Taylor
Mr. Kevin Tegmeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Thomas
Mr. Bobby Tutor
United Industrial Services LLC
Mr. Roger Vaught
Mr. Frank Vlasaty
Mr. Michael Wagner
Mr. Jeff Welbourne
Wetherbee Electric Inc.
Mr. Ron White
Mr. Bruce Wibracht
Mr. Steve Wiege
Mr. Bob Wilkinson
Mr. Marvin Wilson
Mr. Edward Windemuller
Mr. and Mrs. JB Wise

Under $1,000
Mr. Chris Abercrombie
Mr. Charles Abercrombie
Anthony R. Abraham Foundation, Inc.
Mr. G.M. Adams
Mr. Robert Aey
Mr. Brian Ahr
Mr. Charles Albritton
Mr. William Alexander
Ms. Catherine Allen
American Technical Publishers
American Society of Association Executives
Mr. Greg Anderson
Mr. Kent Anderson
Mr. Larry Argo
ASAE The Center for Association Leadership
Mr. Ted Athanas
Ms. Lucille Attick
A-Var Electric Inc.
Mr. Larry Ayer
Mr. Robert Baird
Mr. Tom Baker
Mr. Bob Barlett
Mr. Chris Barnett
Mr. Gary Bartholomew
Mr. Frank Bartlett
Mr. Dale Barton
Ms. Renea Beasley
Mr. Chuck Bellissimo
Mr. Steve Beranek
Mr. and Mrs. N. Trent Biller
Mr. Jason Binyon
Mr. Ronald Bish
Ms. Ann Bitting
Mr. Dean Blackwelder
Ms. Lynn Bledsoe
Mr. John Boender
Mr. Larry Bohn
Mr. Stan Bolzenius
Ms. Kari Bombaugh
Ms. Cindy Bond
Mr. Dennis Bonney
Boonesferry Electric, Inc.
Robert Bosch Tool Corporation
Braswell Services
Brda Electric
Mr. Ted Breihan
Mr. Tim Brennan
Mr. Rob Brimblecombe
Mr. Chad Brooks
Mr. Robert Broselle
Mr. Gerald Brown
Bryan Electric, Inc.
Mr. Tom Buchanan
Mr. Douglas Buchler
Mr. Ed Bundy
Ms. Laurel Burns
Mr. Julian Burns
Mr. C. Burns
Ms. Celina Bussey
Mr. Rickey Butler
Mr. Kevin Byrne
Mr. Jeff Campbell
Mr. Ed Carrington
Mr. Roland Cartisser
Mr. Mike Cavanaugh
Central Electric Electrical Contractors
Mr. Joseph Cephas
Mr. and Mr. Doug Cheney
Mr. Randy Cherry
Mr. Ed Chowning
Mr. Oakley Christian
Mr. Vincent Clark
Coastal Electric of Georgia, Inc.
Mr. Walker Cocke
Mr. Doug Coger
Mr. John Collias
Mr. Mark Cook
Corbin Electrical Services, Inc.
Mr. Adam Corbin
Mr. Lawrence Cox
Mr. Steve Crimi
Mr. Dave Cullum
Curry Electric, Inc.
Mr. David Dallman
Mr. Al D'Amico
Ms. Barbara Daniels
Mr. David Daniels
Data Power Source
Mr. Dave Dauble
Mr. Jack Davis
Mr. Allen Davis, Jr
Mr. Kent Davis
Mr. Michael DeHart
Mr. Steve Denier
Ms. Katie Denier-Koetters
Ms. Michelle Denoma
DeRock Electric
Mr. Jared DeRuby
Mr. and Mrs. David Diederich
DME Electric LLC
DMI Electric
Ms. Mary Ellen Dombrowski
Donnelly Electrical Services LLC
Mr. Patrick Dorsett
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Dorsett
Mr. Phillip Doubek
Mr. Leo Doyle
Mr. Brian Dreyer
Mr. Steve Duckworth
Mr. Jim Dumond
Duro Electric
Mr. Stephen Durgin
Ms. Lisa Dutton
Mr. Michael Early
Mr. Mike Eckstine
Mr. Terry Edmonson
Mr. Gary Edwards
Mr. Carroll Edwards
Mr. Frank Eichelberger
Mr. David Ekmark
Electra Plus Inc.
Electric Connection, Inc.
Electronic Environments MMM Integrated Solutions, Inc.
Mr. Mark Ellis
Ms. Kristina Elsner
Ercole Electric, Inc.
Mr. John Esler
Mr. Joseph Esposito
Mr. John Evorik
Ms. Sandy Feldhaus
Mr. Chris Ferguson
Mr. Bill Fischer
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fischer
Mr. Brian Flaherty
Fleetmatics, Inc.
Mr. Michael Fleming
Mr. Charles Floyd
Fluke Corporation
Ms. Annie Fogerty
Mr. Derrick Fowler
Mr. John Frady
Mr. Scott Fralley
Ms. Phyllis Franzoy
Mr. Jeffrey Frazier
Mr. Hal Frye
Ms. Pamela Fuhrer
Ms. Marcie Funchess
Mr. James Gaddis
Mr. Thomas Gagliano
Mr. Greg Gaines
Mr. Fred Galiardi
Garner Electric
Mr. Theodore Garrison
Mr. Jerry Geiger
Mr. Don George
Mr. William Giampolo
Mr. Pat Gianotto
Ms. Deena Gibson and Mr. Paul Robinson
Mr. Vincent Gilbert
Mr. John Gilroy
Mr. Tharon Giombetti
Mr. Robert Girard, Jr.
Mr. Jeff Glass
Mr. Gerhard Glassl
Mr. James Golly
Mr. Robert Good
Graphics Electric
Mr. Paul Gray
Ms. Rhonda Green
Ms. Kim Greenleaf
Mr. Max Griffin
Mr. Tom Hagan
Mr. Kevin Hahn
Mr. Arn Halpin
Hamer Electric
Mr. Tom Hammans
Mr. Harvey Hammock
Mr. Bob Harmon
Mr. Allen Harrigan
Mr. Shep Harris
Mr. George Harris
Mr. Lee Hart
Ms. Michelle Hartin
Mr. Murray Hass
Mr. Russell Hatcher
Mr. Todd Hawkins
Mr. Mike Hayter
Ms. Mary Henderson
Mr. Robert Hendrickson
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Herbort, Jr.
Mr. Carter Hicks
Mr. Mark Higgins
Mr. David Hill
Mr. Tim Hill
Mr. Bill Hillebrand
Mr. Keith Hinderliter
Hi-Tech Electric
Mr. John Hoffard
Mr. Russell Hollbrock
Mr. James Holt
Mr. Tim Holt
Mr. and Mrs. James Hondorf
Mr. James Honea, Jr.
Mr. Jeff Hopper
Mr. John Howell
Mr. Billy Huettig
Mr. Joey Huff
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Hurd
Mr. Greg Hyland
IEC Wichita
IEC Central Missouri
IEC Central Pennsylvania
IEC Dakotas, Inc.
IEC El Paso
IEC Greater Montana
IEC Idaho
IEC Kansas City
IEC Mid-Oregon
IEC Midwest
IEC New Jersey
IEC of Illinois
IEC of Southern Arizona
IEC of the Bluegrass
IEC Oklahoma City
IEC Rio Grande
IEC South Florida (Miami)
IEC Washington State
IEC West Texas
IEC Western Colorado
Mr. Ralph Ireland
Mr. Robert Jenkins
JMD & Associates LP
Mr. Carl Johansen
Mr. Craig Jones
K&D Wiring
Mr. David Kalil
Mr. and Ms. Travis Katski
Mr. Michael Kelly
Mr. M. H. Kennison
Mr. Vince Kensil
Mr. Robert Kent
Mr. Daniel Kenworthy
Mr. Tim Kerley
Ms. Patricia Kinney
Mr. David Kirk
Mr. Kevin Klaus
Mr. Ray Kline
Mr. Brian Knoup
Mr. Kirk Koehlera
Mr. Kevin Kolasinski
Jann Kredit
Mr. Philip Kretzschmar
Mr. Chris Krysevig
Mr. Rene Lachapelle
Mr. Joe Lambert
Mr. Kent Lang
Mr. Ross Lappe
Mr. Richard Lascek
Mrs. Susan Laumann
Mr. Ralph Lavandera
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Lawrence
Mr. Cecil Leedy
Mr. Bob Leitner
Ms. Sheila Lemons
Mr. Daniel Leone
Mr. Bob Leonhart
Mr. Kevin Lewis-Grenz
Mr. John Lindgren
Mr. Mike Lindley
Mr. Ron Loggins
Mr. Stacey Longest
Mr. Joe Lovett
Mr. Jim Luca
Mr. Michael Lymn
Mr. James MacMurdo
Ms. Dorothy Manzo
Mr. Paul March
Mr. Mark Marchese
Mr. Joe Martin
Mr. Brad Martin
Mr. Garth Martin
Ms. Holly Martin
Ms. Melissa Mattar
Mr. Peter Matthews
Mr. Lee Maxwell
Mr. Kevin McAndrew
Mr. Stuart McArthur
Mr. Tom McCallum
Mr. Dennis McClendon
Mr. Dan McCord
Mr. Todd McCormick
Mr. Larry McDonald
Mr. Dwayne McDonald
Mr. Joe McDonald
Ms. Renee McDonough
Ms. Cherene McFarland
Mr. Jimmy McGuffey
Mr. Jim McGuigan
McNaughton-McKay Electric Co.
Mr. Scott McRee
Media and Entertainment Strategies, Inc.
Mr. Richard Meer
Mr. Mike Melton
Mr. William Messner
Mr. John Milliser
Mr. Thomas Mize
Mr. James Moran
Mr. Terry Moreland
Mr. Andy Moreno
Ms. Darlene Morris
Mr. Ralph Morrone
Mr. Scott Mroczkowski
Mr. Jason Mueller
Mr. John Muenchen
Mr. Michael Mullaney
Mr. Shevea Myrick
Ms. Judy Najeur
Mr. Alex Nantz
Mr. John Narcisi
Mr. Joe Nasso
Mr. James Nasuta
Mr. Ray Nease
Mr. Lonny Neely
Newington Electric Co.
Mr. Mike Ningen
Pat Nolte
Mr. Tom Nunn
Mr. Mark O'Brien
Mr. William O'Donnell
Mr. Jack Olmstead
Mr. James Olsen
Mr. Steve Ortner
Mr. Harold Ozburn
Mr. Joe Padgett
Ms. Anna Paganik
Mr. Victor Palmeri
Mr. Joey Panizari
Mr. Jack Parfitt
Mr. Gene Parker
Mr. Tim Parsons
Mr. Lloyd Parsons
Mr. Butch Paschal
Mr. Larry Pasetti, III
Mr. D. L. Payne
Pearson Education
Mr. and Mrs. Grant Pederson
Mr. Donald Penner and Mr. Bill May
Mr. Stephen Peters
Mr. Eric Petree
Petri Electric, Inc.
Mr. Dan Phillips
Mr. Rick Pickard
A. L. Pickens Co.
Pinellas County Electrical
Mr. Phil Plant
Mr. Rafael Polanco
Mr. Jay Poorak
Mr. Jeff Priede
Pritchard Electric Co.
Ms. Sherri Puckett
Ms. Sadie Pullen
Mr. Alan Pumphrey
Raby Electric Company
Rademaker Corporation
Mr. Tony Randazzo
Mr. David Rau
Mr. Christopher Ray
Mr. Rick Reardon
Mr. Richard Reeve, Jr.
Mr. Ken Reeve
REW Group, Inc.
Ms. Sharon Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. George Roberts
Mr. Keith Roberts
Mr. Dennis Roberts
Mr. Guy Roberts
Mr. Ted Robertson
Mr. J.C. Rodriquez
Mr. Paul Roesel
Mr. Lin Rogers
Mr. Michael Rohrbacker
Mr. Michael Rosa
Mr. Peter Rosser
Mr. Joe Ryan
Mr. Tim Sammarco
Mr. Jarrett Sanchez
Mr. Dennis Sanders
Mr. Marc Santangelo
Mr. Mike Sasser
Mr. Terry Schend
Mr. Paul Schmid
Ms. Janet Schneider
Mr. John Schulz
Mr. Maurice Scott
Mr. David Seifried
Mr. Kevin Seltzer
Mr. Dan Serrano
Mr. Randy Sewald
Mr. Sam Shehayeb
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Shell
Mr. Frank Sherrill
Simplex Grinnell
Ms. and Mr. Tracy Sims
Mr. Doug Skelton
Skillforce, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Skinner
Mr. Douglas Smith
Mr. Brad Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Smith
Mr. Shawn Smith
Mr. Rich Sobey
Mr. Carlos Sotto
Ms. Beverly Southworth
Mr. Terry Sparks
Mr. Charlie Spitzer
Springs & Sons Electrical Contractors Inc
Mr. Bobby Stalvey
Mr. Jerry Stanton
Mr. Keith Steel
Ms. Theresa Steel
Mr. Keith Steenslid
Ms. Lisa Stevens
Mr. Sonny Stevens and Mr. Lesley Sessoms
Mr. Richard Stewart
Mr. J. Danny Stone
Mr. Gary Stone
Mr. Jeff Stover
Mr. Tom Streib
Mr. David Strelser
Ms. Bonnie Stroup
Mr. Steve Struble
Mr. Don Swartz
Mr. Mitchell Swerbilow
Mr. Bob Swier
Mr. Richard Swier
Mr. Joey Swofford
Mr. Ryan Taylor
Mr. Cleve Taylor
Mr. James Tepper
Mr. James Thele
Mr. Richard Therrell
Mr. George Thess
Mr. Pat Thess
Mr. R. Kelly Thom
Mr. John Thomas
Mr. Rick Thomas
Mr. Bobby Thompson
Mr. Jim Thompson
Mr. Mark Tibbetts
Mr. Brandon Tolbert
TP Electrical LLC
Mr. Robert Tracy
Mr. Jim Turner
Mr. Michael Turner
Mr. Colby Turpin
Mr. Jeff Unger
United Air Temp
Universal Business Solutions LLC
Mr. Larry Vallieres
Mr. Dwight VanDaVeer
Mr. Michael Vandergriff
Mr. Andrew VanDeVeer
Ms. Maureen VanDeVeer
Mr. Steve Vanovich
Mr. Robert VanSchooten
Mr. Darrell Vasko
Mr. Rick Villarreal
Von Lehman & Co.
Mr. Lynn Wall
Mr. Phil Wallace
Mr. Michael Wallis
Mr. Brad Wandersee
Mr. Ricky Waner
Mr. Nile Wang
Mr. Jerry Wartko
Mr. Talbot Watkins, III
Mr. Anthony Watkins
Mr. Jerry Webb
Weifield Group Contracting LLC
Mr. Ed West
Mr. Bryan Westmoreland
Mr. Bryan White
Mr. Gerald White
Mr. Kingsley Wientge
Mr. Mike Wilhelm
Mr. and Mr. Randy Wilkinson
Mr. David Williams
Mr. Barry Williams
Ms. Kristen Williams
Mr. Norman Willis
Mr. Joe Willoughby, Sr.
Mr. Tracy Wilson
Mr. Roy Woods
Mr. Keith Woods
Mr. Rodney Wright
Mr. James Youngblood
Mr. John Zielinski